The MP412 is the first revolver to be added to Phantom Forces. Being similiar to the Deagle 44, however, it sacrifices reload time and ammo for extra stopping power and fire rate. While being able to insta kill someone at close range with a headshot, its recoil is extremely high. With that, the shooters must focus into precision and avoid constantly firing the weapon: due to it's high fire rate, you can fire even while the gun is still pointing up because of the high recoil it produces.

Because the revolver is a difficult weapon to get the hang off, many people prefer to use the Deagle 44, due to it's lower recoil and fire rate, which makes constantly firing easier and more accurate.


  • The gun model is actually loaded with empty casings, even if you got full ammo. However, this can be only seen if you open the model in ROBLOX Studio, or inspect it in the menu, as in-game, you don't get to see the front part of the cylinder in first person, and the third person model is different.
    • When reloading the weapon, the speedloader will have the casings loaded with bullets. After finishing reloading however, the shells will be empty, due to the magazine being a different part than the shells.
  • Unlike most common revolvers, the MP412 Rex opens by lowering the barrel, lifting the cylinder in the process, instead of usually pushing the cylinder to the side.
  • In real life, putting a suppressor on a revolver is not very effective, with the exception of the Nagant M1895, because there is a small gap between the cylinder and the barrel, which a loud sound is produced. However, in-game, you can put a suppressor on it, and it will effectively suppress the sound.
  • Even if you still got rounds in the gun, when you reload, all the bullets are launched out of the gun. However, it will be only taken from your stored ammo the remaining bullets needed to fill the clip.
  • The revolver is reloaded with the assistance of a speedloader, which gives the shooter the ability to quickly reload all the bullets, without placing them one by one.
  • The MP412 Rex fire sound is shared with the Deagle 44. However, the Deagle 44 contains a higher pitch.



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